❄️ELSA❄️ ❄️ELSA❄️ ❄️ELSA❄️ ❄️ELSA❄️ ❄️ELSA❄️

Age: ~4 years old
Gender: Female
Weight: ~15 lbs
Breed: Jindo Mix
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: Good
Location: Korea
Elsa has been at the shelter ever since she was a puppy. And as you can tell by her rescue pics (last pics) it’s a horrible place to have spent most of your life.
Eventually they decided to euthanize her, but thankfully she was saved on the same day she was scheduled to be euthanized.

But that’s behind her and from what we learned Elsa is a ✨GEM✨ of a dog and truly an all around good girl.
She loves people, preferably children, and gets along well with her dog friends at her foster home 😍

She is top notch when it comes to leash skills – she’ll run up to you and put her head in the harness/collar and she’s ready to go… especially since she LOVES to go for walks 🚶‍♀️She’s even good with getting her teeth brushed with the toothbrush, getting her fur brushed, taking a bath and even taking medicine.

Her foster family told us that Elsa is so sweet and a big cuddle bug🥰 Doesn’t she sound like absolute perfection?!🥹 She even comes with the cutest underbite 😆

Interested in adding Elsa to your family? Please email apply@koreanpawsrescue.org

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