Age: ~1 year old
Gender: Male
Weight: ~35 lbs
Breed: Jindo Mix
Energy Level: Medium
People: Good, shy (read below)
Dogs: Good, best as an only dog
Cats: Good (read below)
Kids: No child home
Location: Korea
Rescue story: Chance was reluctantly taken when a friend’s dog had puppies. The owner was busy and he was confined to an office or tied up outside.
Due to accidents, he was only given water sparingly. He was rescued from his owner when he was about 2 or 3 months old because the rescuer saw the man throwing him on the ground multiple times.
Despite the efforts to intervene and stop him, he continued to slam him down due to his “disobedience.” Our rescue partner was able to rush him to and emergency vet and have surgery for his broken leg. He had a successful surgery/recovery and is great🙌

As you might guess, it takes time for him to trust people.
He is not aggressive, but needs time to build trust. He is not overly affectionate/fond of physical contact, so a family without children is best.
An ideal home would be an older family without other dogs. Chance is calm at home and content with short walks and playing. He loves tug toys and rope toys, which also help strengthen his left leg
He was wary towards people, especially men, but is getting better. He’s even bonded with his foster dad.
He used to hide his tail when he met strangers on his walk, but now he approaches them with sniffs/greets them.

Sometimes, he shows possessiveness over food with other animals, but responds well to “no.”
His current foster family has cats and at first he was aggressive/chased them, but now they get along and play.

If you are looking for a calm, low-maintenance companion who just needs time and patience to build trust, Chance could be the perfect fit.
We know with time, love and patience he will continue to gain confidence and build relationships.

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