Our newest addition to the KPR fam is Sangchu.

In Korean, “sangchu” means “lettuce” so 🥗LETTUCE🥗 tell you about this cute little guy 😆😂

Breed: Jindo Mix
Age: ~11 months old
Gender: Male
Weight: 7 kg (~16 lbs)
Energy: Medium
Good with people
Good with dogs
Kids: Unknown/Untested
Cats: Unknown/Untested
One look at this sweet little guy and you wonder how could anyone abandon him?!

Sangchu was wandering the mountain and stumbled upon a military camp when he was only ~4 months old.

The kind soldiers wanted to raise him, but unfortunately were not allowed to. Luckily, one of our partner rescues got him and he is now safe and taken care of
The bad news, he’s been at the rescue for 6 months now!

They reached out to us in hopes of finding his forever family in America.

As you can tell he has a unique markings around his eyes and also the cutest little ears.

Since he has been at the rescue, he has come out of his shell more.

He is so sweet and loves to be pet and loved on 🥰

The rescue says he has a submissive personality, gets along with other dogs, but sometimes this poor little guy gets bullied.

She said he is a sweet and easy going pup 🐶😍

Sangchu didn’t have the best start to life, but he’s still young and has a lot of time left to live the life he has always deserved 🐶🏡

Interested in adding this little guy to your family?
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