Age: ~7 months
Gender: Male
Weight: 55 lbs and GROWING (LARGE breed)
Breed: Hound Mix
Energy Level: Low-Medium
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Untested
Kids: Untested
Location: Korea
Echo was saved from a meat farm along with his mom and littermates. (Mary and Leon were adopted and Maxx was posted earlier) The last photos are from their original rescue.
A rescue from Korea run by a very sweet lady took in the newborn pups with their mom and now trying to find their homes ASAP.
They will be large dogs so if we wait longer, their flight costs go to the thousands.

Just like his brothers and sister, Echo has a sweet and gentle personality.
The rescue told us that sometimes the volunteers laugh at him because he makes the silliest and cutest facial expressions….especially if there are treats involved.
He has one of those faces where you know what he’s thinking. We know he’ll be an absolute joy to have as part of the family!

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