Age: ~1-2 years old (vet estimate)
Gender: Male
Weight: ~40 lbs
Breed: Guessing Jindo/Akita Mix
Energy Level: Medium
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Untested
Kids: Untested
Location: Korea
Luke had a really, really rough start to his life. He was rescued right before starving to death and found in a filthy cage at an abandoned meat restaurant (last pictures).
We don’t know much past this – maybe he was left there by the previous owner or maybe someone abandoned him there, or… honestly who knows.
But whatever happened, did not have good intentions for the well being of this sweet dog.

Despite how he lived his life and how he ended up in that cage, Luke did not lose his faith in people. He loves to snuggle and we think he’s got a lifetime of snuggles to catch up on.
He’s a loyal dog that is very gentle with other dogs and people. He’s even good in the car!

Luke is waiting for his chance to start this next chapter in his life with a family that will give him the life he always deserved.

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