🌷Marza🌷 🌷Marza🌷 🌷Marza🌷 🌷Marza🌷 🌷Marza🌷

Gender: Female
Weight: ~33 lbs
Breed: St. Bernard/Jindo Mix (guess)
Energy Level: Medium
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Untested
Kids: Good, but has never lived with them
Location: Korea
Marza is another pup that was found at one of the horrible kill shelters in Korea… and if you haven’t seen previous posts, American animal shelters look like resorts compared to the conditions of the ones in Korea.

Besides this we don’t know much about her, except that she is so sweet and ready to leave her past behind her.

From her rescue in Korea: Marza is an overall ✨GOOD GIRL✨ She is great with dogs of all sizes and would make a great little (big😆) sister 🐶🥰
She does well on a leash and enjoys car rides (cough adventure buddy cough cough)
Marza is shy at first with people (probably poor experiences/trauma or not much interaction 🥺)

BUT with time, patience and love, she warms up and trusts you and then it’s game over because she is affectionate and just wants to snuggle right up next to you.
We know she’ll make one lucky family so happy and whole 🏡❤️

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