Age: ~10 months old
Gender: Male
Weight: ~31 lbs
Breed: Jindo Mix
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Good
Leash Trained: Good
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: Untested
Location: Korea
Max was rescued from the same shelter as Pearl (now Moon), her mom, and Noel (as well as other dogs). They were all found at a horrible outdoor kill shelter – very very poor conditions that it makes American shelters seem like resorts.

Not much is known about Max before he was rescued from the shelter, but with our experience we can guess it wasn’t a great start to life. When the rescuer visited the shelter, Max was barking at her and trying to show his leg. She then realized that this poor pup was bit by another dog (they keep many dogs in one big cage).
Max was immediately pulled out of there, taken to a vet and is now all healed with no problems – SO SMART he was able to let her know he needed help
Despite having a hard start to life with people and dog trauma, Max is so good.

He can be a little shy with people, especially with fast, sudden movements. He’ll take a step back, but then when he realizes it’s safe and the person isn’t aggressive or trying to do harm, he comes over and will give kisses on the hands.
His wonderful foster family says he knows when it’s time to play, rest and sleep – again, how SMART! One of his favorite games is playing tug and really likes toys that make noises (why are the noisiest the most fun?
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