Age: ~5 months old
Gender: Male
Weight: ~15 lbs (and growing)
Breed: Jindo Mix
Energy Level: Low-Medium
House Trained: Learning
Leash Trained: Learning
People: Shy at first
Dogs: Good
Cats: Untested
Kids: Shy
Location: Korea
Namgil was found wandering around the road with his mama.
A kind person started feeding them, but then the neighbors reported them to the city kill shelter.
Unfortunately, these shelters are notorious for killing dogs after being held for just 7 days.
Luckily, the rescue was able to spring into action and save them.
We don’t know much about Namgil’s past before this, but it seems he didn’t have human interaction. He’s quite shy around people and needs a patient and loving family to give him the space, time and compassion for him to come around. What we can say though is, in our experience, shy dogs ending up being so loyal and loving once they learn to trust their people.
His current foster family says that he is learning to be comfortable with them and doing well.

Namgil is currently fostering with Woody (posted last week) and they are BFFs.
He does very well with dogs and we are looking for a home with another confident dog.

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