Gender: Neutered, male
Age: ~ 3 years old
Breed: Jindo mix
Weight: ~9 kg
Good with dogs
Kids: Good, foster family has kids
Cats: Good, foster family has a cat
Energy level: Medium
House Broken
Good on recall
Good in a car
Location: Korea

Willy and his mama lived their entire lives as “guard dogs”, chained up outside on a 3 foot long tether in rural Korea. The rescue tried to save them but the owner of these dogs wouldn’t give them up… until Willy’s mama died due to the cold weather. The owners then finally surrendered Willy to the rescue! After being rescued, he has completed Heartworm treatment and is now healthy and happy.

In the beginning, Willy’s rescuer, and now foster, noticed that Willy may have experienced some physical abuse in his past life as he often flinched and got nervous when his foster mom made sudden or big movements. However, after spending time with his loving foster family, he is building up his confidence around people and has improved greatly! Now, he loves to meet new people on his walks and will happily greet them with a wag and big smile.

We are looking for a loving and patient home that will continue to help Willy gain confidence and show him the joys of life that he missed out on for his first 3 years!

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