Age: ~1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: ~55 lbs
Breed: Jindo Mix
Energy Level: Medium
Leash Trained: Good
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Not interested
Kids: Good, but has never lived with a family/kids
Location: Atlanta, GA
Leo is one lucky dog. He was rescued right before him and 9 other dogs were about to be slaughtered at a meat farm 🙌❤️

He is currently at a private dog shelter in Korea. Leo is great with people (loves every volunteer🥰), but will need to learn what being part of a family is and what living in a home is like. Luckily, Jindos are known to be smart and his rescuer has nothing but good things to say about him 🤩

Leo has a sweet and gentle disposition 🥹 He is good with all the other dogs at the shelter and as we mentioned before, loves every volunteer. He plays well, sleeps well and we know with the right family he’ll make an amazing addition ❤️ He has never had a family or a home and we’re hoping to find the right match and give him the life he should have always had 🐶🏠

Interested in adding Leo to your family? Please email apply@koreanpawsrescue.org

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