Age: ~11 months old
Gender: Male
Weight: ~57 lbs (and growing)
Breed: Doberman
Energy Level: High Energy (working breed, intelligent)
People: Good
Dogs: Good
Cats: Untested
Kids: Untested
Location: Korea
Can you believe this handsome boy was about to be euthanized 🥺 Ben was found at a kill shelter, with horribly long toenails and poor body condition 💔 This led his rescuers to believe this poor pup had been kept in a cage for a long time 😡 Being a large breed dog, he was at risk of getting snatched up by the dog meat trade or killed first at a shelter.

Thankfully, he was saved and currently at one of our partner rescues’ shelter in Korea 🙌 He is very popular with the volunteers at the shelter not only because he’s one good looking dog, but also because he’s so sweet 🥰 He has good manners when he plays with other dogs, even dogs that are smaller than him 🐶

We would love to find a home where Ben can have another doggie sibling and a family with Doberman experience. A fenced in yard will also be one of the requirements to adopt Ben. Oh, and Ben told us he needs a house with a lot of cushions, comfy cough and plenty of blankets 😆

*The bandages on his elbows are from being liquid drained out. It’s common in Dobies and it results from sitting on hard floors for too long. He’s totally fine and healthy 😄

Interested in adding Ben to your family? Please email

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